Research Paper Writing Services

Research Paper Writing Services

Hoortash’s services in terms of research papers are including “research paper writing training” and “research paper acceptance and publication”.

Research paper writing training and supporting

In order to write an acceptable research paper some skills and knowledge is needed.

You should be conversant with the rules of writing a research paper, including its components, volume, the order in which you should explain content, and the right order of each paragraph and chapter, etc. besides a text grammar and proper usage of vocabulary in an academic paper is way important.

Nevertheless, the research you conduct in order to find out the questions in your mind is way more important than the format of the paper. Hence, you need to know how to research, how to choose a good title and research variables, and how to analyze the collected data or draw a conclusion.

In order to increase your knowledge of these rules, you can use Hoortash website. We will explain the rules of paper writing in our blog posts.

We will also hold paper writing workshops for applicants whoever is trying to write a research paper, and Ph.D. or master’s thesis.

Hoortash institute identifies and brings together a large number of outstanding professors as well as first and second level professionals in different fields, from all over the world in order to train applicants in writing and editing research papers, Counseling for writing research papers, Holding writing workshops, and extracting journal articles from a thesis or a research.

Research paper acceptance and publication

When a research paper is written, it needs to be published and distributed worldwide so that other researchers and scientists benefit from the work done.

There are academic journals publishing research papers. These journals are of a variety of qualities. Each of them publishes papers meeting their quality standards.

You should be aware of different types of journals in terms of quality, subject, validity, etc. and choose the right one for your research paper considering your aim of publication.

Hoortash institute chooses the most appropriate journal considering the title and subject of the research paper, and follows up all the steps from accepting to publishing.