Publishing Book Services

Publishing Book Services

Writing a thesis is a time consuming and precise activity containing a large amount of precious information including the literature review, data collection, analyzing data, and results.

A researcher spends months reading a huge number of books and papers, in addition to doing the research in a lab, society, etc. depending on the subject of the research, and analyzing collected data.

He can gain a benefit of his effort in different ways, such as extracting books or extracting papers from the thesis, so he may make his academic resume more effective.

Furthermore, a published book generates an income for the researcher.

Extracting books from a thesis could be done in different methods, for example:

A Ph.D. or master’s thesis can be summarized into a book which transfer a compressed result of the research to its readers.

A thesis consists of several variables. Choosing one or two variables from the thesis and extracting their information, can become a book.

A book extracted from a thesis could be also a piece of information on the subject’s review of literature.

After the extraction process was finished, you need a supporter to get your book published.

Hoortash institute can help you with extracting a book from your thesis as well as publishing it in printed or online formats.

Our institute is cooperating with major international publications which would publish your books in the shortest time possible.

The books will be assigned an ISBN and can be ordered worldwide through the most renowned international distributors and bookstores such as Morebooks, Amazon, Hachette, Ozon, Ebay, AbeBooks, etc.