Translation Services

Translation Services

The Hoortash is an academic institute offering a wide range of services in terms of counseling for writing thesis and research papers, extracting papers and books from thesis, and publishing research papers and books.

The other service offering to applicants by our institute is translating specialized papers which its accuracy is way important. When a mistake takes place in a research paper, future researches that cites your paper can make a mistake, furthermore, the mistakes that takes place by specialists who perform their job based on those papers would cause more serious damages.

Be aware of new researches

Considering thousands of research papers publishing every day, fast growing science, and the fact that many of academic journal publications publish research papers in English, researchers need to know how to translate specialized texts into their native language so that they can follow the new researches and use them in their own.

On the other hand, the time they have is limited.

Hoortash’s institute offer specialized translation to researchers who do not have enough time to translate world science news. Our translation team is cooperating with professionals of different fields of study, so the terminologies they use are the exact one in your native language. You can be sure of the accuracy of knowledge delivered.

Translate your research to publish

As mentioned before, academic journals mostly are in English, so you need to translate your to be published research paper into English.

A low quality translation could harm all the attempts you did and time you spent to conduct the research. You need a high quality translation. A translation with appropriate terminology and accurate grammar.

Hoortash’s translation team is ready to translate all kinds of subjects in a wide range of fields of study, and help you in publishing your research paper in valid ISI papers.