How to Choose Scientific Journal for Publication

After writing a research paper, you need to publish it in a scientific journal. The first step in publishing a research paper is choosing the right scientific journal for publication.

Finding the scope of your research paper

To do this, consider field of the research. It would be a general field which you need to narrow down to find the best option for publication.

Field of a research embraces a wide range of subjects. Think of the subject you have chosen. Then consider the aspects of that subject, and the aspect of which you considered in your work. This is the scope of your paper.

Now you should find journals working on that specific part. However some of them have a wider view and may publish any subject on a field of study.

Finding a list of journals on the subject

It is time to find journals publishing research papers on related subjects to yours.

To do so, you can use “Journal Finders”. These are finding the most appropriate journals for your research based on your paper’s title and abstract. One of the most known journal finder you can trust in is “Elsevier journal finder”.

You can also use of papers you have used as a reference in your research. See what journals has published them. They have the same scope as yours, most probably.

SJR is a portal to indicate journals with a specific scope. So you can search the scope of your research paper, and find a list of journals with the same scope.

The other way to find journals is using institutes which provide indexing services such as “Web of Science” providing a list of qualified journals in order, and OMICS International which listed the open access (free to use) journals.

Define type of the journal

Academic journals are of different kinds.

The journals listed in front of you, should be compare with each other. Pay attention to what is important to you about the journal you want to publish your paper in it.

Scope and aim of a journal is written in it, and should be the same as your paper scope.

Some journals are publishing online, some in print, or both.

Some are open access, some need subscription to let researchers access to the papers.

Publishing papers in some journals is free of cost, while some of them have a publication fee. Mostly open access journals charge you.

They are also different in their impact factor (IF) showing reputation of a journal. Impact factor of a journal is very important for your resume. In addition, some purposes need papers published in journals with a specific IF.

After deciding what kind of journal suits you and your goals, see if chosen journal has published papers close to (but not the same as) your topic before. by doing this, you can increase the probability of your paper publication.

To summarize, firstly, you need to find journals with the same scope as your research paper’s scope. Then evaluate them and choose one which matched your needs.

Be aware that there is some fake journals, or journals with low value of publication. Publish your paper in a way that reaches you to your goals.

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