How to Write a Thesis in Medicine

Medical graduates are given a degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD or DM). To get that, they need to write a thesis as in other fields of studies.

The format of writing an MD thesis do not differ from other majors and you can study them in “How to Write a Thesis” category. In this post, you are going to read a piece of advice on particularly medicine thesis writing.

Choosing the title of thesis

The title should be specific and comprehensive at the same time. Do not use abbreviations in the title. It needs to be novel in some ways. So you need to skim the most recent papers interested to you and see what is missed. To find it, read between the lines, extend and criticize the ideas.

The chosen title needs to be approved by the board of faculty of medicine.

The format of a thesis

Theses in medicine should follow the same format of thesis writing as other fields of studies.

So it has to be of five chapters including Introduction, The review of literature, methodology, findings, and conclusion. The content of each chapter is discussed on “Chapters of a Thesis”.

The research process

The validity and reliability of the research method in every research including medicine researches must be proved. You also may create a new method. In this case, evaluating its validity and reliability is on you.

There are four phases in the research process: self-discipline and keeping of careful notes, choosing techniques, planning experiments, and following the literature.

After the experiment is carried out, you will yield results and then it is time in which the research questions are answered. Here just like writing thesis in other fields of studies, findings should be analyzed. Your findings and conclusions, especially in medicine theses, may become a base for other researches, so try to be accurate.

Undoubtedly, you will face some difficulties during the experiment. Write down and mention them in your thesis, so that other researchers who are to repeat the experiment in the laboratory can do it without wasting their time on mistakes you have already done.

In thesis writing in medicine, while you are reporting the results, put the reference range down in parentheses so that if the reader is unaware of the normal range, can understand the difference.

Appropriate references in medicine

There are Atlases in medicine which you can use of during the process of thesis writing, such as Atlas of Adult Cardiac Surgery by William A. Gay (1990).

You may also use the papers in medical journals. The more recent papers used as a reference, the higher quality of a thesis.

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