How to Write an Academic Book

Many authors write their first academic book from their dissertation. Since in order to write an academic book, the first thing you need is a novel subject never has been written about, or at least it must be a better version of all the previous ones with the same subject so that publishers be convinced to publish your work.

If you are a new writer trying to write an academic book, we suggest to turn your dissertation into a book, however the following steps would be practical anyway.


As the first stage of writing a book, you need to know what you are going to write about. Define the subject, chapters, headings, and subheadings. Then write a summary of what in your mind is for each section.

By this, you limit the scope of your work.

Collecting data – conducting research

Now that you know what you are going to search about, start studying papers and books, viewing the videos and TEDs, listening to podcasts, etc. Make notes and put them under related headings. Do not forget to write the source and its page in case you need to get back and make some revisions.

You may also do some field researches, work in a lab, or distribute questionnaire to use the findings in your book. However most of the time, authors use their previous researches (for example a dissertation or a published paper) in their books.


It is time to organize your notes and findings. Relate each one to the other logically and put them in a right order.

In this part of book writing process, you may make some changes into the title of headings and chapters.

Note that there are some rules to follow when you are writing an academic text. You need to support your assertions with evidence from other researches or researches you have done. Whatever you write must be logical.


Always read at least once what you have written, in the case of writing a book this would be of more importance.

Since the process of writing a book is a very time consuming and a long time process, when you are done writing the whole chapters of your book, you probably forget some details of earlier chapters, so it is better to read and revise each chapter after it is done and then open the next chapter.

To make sure of accuracy of what you have written, read and revise it once more after finishing the book.

Cover copy

Cover copy is one or more paragraphs the author writes on back cover of the book explaining what the reader is going to read about. But a more important point to be considered is that this explanation is to attract potential reader to buy your book and read it. So write it in a way that be appealing to readers. Do not use specialized phrases and jargons, and make it easy to understand.

When you write it, ask someone to read it. She is not necessarily an academic person in your field. If she finds it attractive, it is a good note.

The last advice

As the last advice, write your book as if there is no editor to edit your writings. Sometimes publishers do not pay enough attention to editing process and if you have count on it, you will regret doing so.

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