Ideas for Writing a Book

A most important question frequently asked from writers is that how and where they have gotten the idea for writing the book. Getting the idea for writing a book could be one of the challenges writers face with.

Choose the subject of the book

As you know, we can classify different types of books based on the main subject of the book. So the first thing you need to consider as a writer is the subject of the book.

Then think of the audience who may be interested in reading your book. You are writing for them and clearly, they should find attractive what you have written.

Choose the title of the book

You have to have enough information on the subject you choose for your book. Use your background information, read articles and books especially those written recently. The aim is:

  • To find the gap in previous writings; write about a totally new idea that no one has written on it before.
  • Get ideas from them; sometimes reading other writers’ work give you new ideas which are completely a different thing.
  • Collect sources to write your work; you need to be specific in order to create a valuable work.

In addition to the background information and the information in other written works, you may also use the events happening around you, they may raise questions to your mind. The question can be the title of a book itself.

Theses and dissertations are of several ideas in their heart each could be a candidate to be a book title, e.g. you can write on one or two of the variables discussed in a thesis, write a book on the methods you have used or learned during conducting the research, writing a literature review of the variables, etc.

Brain storm

While doing any of the previous steps, make some notes, write some keywords, and ideas come to your mind. After that, take a look on them, try to figure out what to do with all the information you have got.

You may mix all the keywords you have written in your notes, or it may show up a completely new but related idea to your notes and keywords. It is also possible to pick one of the keywords or ideas you have written during your studies and write a book about it.

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