Academic Book Publishing Process

There are some publishing houses specialized to publish academic books. So if you are going to get your academic book published, search for those.

After making a list of academic book publishers, you need to convince them that your book will have a good market.

To do so, you need to deserve some consideration during the process of writing your book and do some activities during the process of publication.

Book proposal

You need to prepare the book proposal before you start writing.

In a book proposal, the outlines of the book, a short summary of it, the gap that make you write about it, and the importance of the subject would be written. Try to convince the publisher to publish your work. The publisher should be satisfied that there is a gap other researches have not paid attention to, and it was so much important that there was a need for more researches.

Writing a draft

If the publisher finds your book valuable to be published, asks you a draft of your book.

Usually, the publisher asks you to send him the first draft after finishing the first chapter to be sure of his decision about publishing your book, and the second draft after finishing the whole book.

The content of the draft is very important. Since it is an academic book. Clarify the subject in it, organize the paragraphs in a logical order, and prove the accuracy of the content by evidence from other researchers and authors.

Making a contract

When your first draft is accepted by the publisher, you may meet him to sign a contract. You should discuss the deadline for payments, the time of each payment, your and the publisher’s rights, etc.

The book cover

During the process of writing the book, the publisher send you a proposal book cover. In terms of the book cover, the only thing you need to do is to give feedback or approve it.

However, you can also offer a book cover if there is one in your mind or if you are an artist too.

You also need to write a cover copy for the back of the book cover, which is one or two paragraphs about the book or the author.

This stage -including the book cover design and the cover copy- are very important. Because it is the first sign that readers and potential buyers will see and decide if your book worth to read or not.


ISBN is an international standard number assigned to each book to be identifiable for publishers, librarians, etc.

ISBN of an e-book and printed book (in other words, different formats), and even different editions of the same book would be different.

It would be the publisher’s duty to assign an ISBN to your book.


The marketing of a book is on the publisher. It is better to start marketing even before the book has been finished. Because of that, you need to inform your publisher if you decide to change the title of your book or any other things that will be used in advertisements.

Final manuscript

In this stage, you need to add appendixes, the definition of terminology, references, table of content, and generally indexing. In addition, you should review and revise or even send it for a peer review.

Indexing and reviewing in academic books is important because you are transferring information to students, other researches, and professors and they will use the information in future researches or teach it to others in academic courses. In other words, your work would become a base for future researches, and a mistake may lead to more mistakes in the future.

So write the title of the book and the authors name on the first page, include acknowledgment, the table of content, and appendixes. Make sure your manuscript is completely accurate in terms of grammar, spelling, and content.

You may use software to create your manuscript. They usually make the process easier for you.

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