How Many Pages Should a Master Thesis Have?

How Many Pages Should a Master Thesis Have?

It is of the most frequent questions students may have: how many pages should a master thesis have?

However each university has its protocol on theses, there is an average range for each section of it. Follow the rest of the post to see what the average length of a master thesis is.

How many pages should a master/Ph.D. thesis have?

It depends on your field of study, the subject you have chosen to study, and the university you are studying in.

It also has a maximum range as well as a minimum. However, many may think there is only a minimum for it. Indeed, if your dissertation exceeds the maximum range, then you need to write a request to your supervisor to get the confirmation.

Generally, the average length of a master thesis is 150 pages approximately.

Dissertation introduction length

Introduction section which is chapter one of a thesis is a section many students need clarification about its length as it is just an introduction and it is supposed to serve no procedure or exact information, so is the “a literature review” chapter.

A thesis or dissertation introduction length is usually between 15 to 20 pages in a master’s thesis. However, it can be more or less depending on the subject and the university protocols – as it was mentioned earlier.

The average length of each chapter

In a master thesis, the average length of chapter one is 15 to 20, chapter two is 30 to 50, chapter three is 15 to 20, chapter four is 10 to 15, and chapter five is 10 to 15 pages.

Sum up

To sum up, you need to consider several issues including the subject and your university protocol, while the average length is mentioned. Your professor will inform you if there are some problems with it. You can also ask her/him.

Writing less or more than the averages would be a lack of the dissertation. So adhere to the rules.

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