How to Edit Research Papers

Editing research paper can make an average paper to a great one and even an appropriate paper to get acceptance.

You can edit the paper by yourself or have it edited by institutes offering academic services.

When you finished writing the research paper, it is time to edit it. By edit, we mean assessing grammatical and spelling problems, as well as assessing the paper from the coherence point of view.

Before beginning the editing, change the format of the paper so that you look at the paper with a different view. For example, change the font, color, size, etc. If you have enough time to not reading it for about one week and then edit the paper after this time it would be better.

How to edit research papers from the coherence point of view?

In every piece of writing, each sentence needs to be related to the next one, similarly, each paragraph and each section should be a base for the nest one. Adhere to this rule:

Begin each paragraph with a sentence showing the main idea of the paragraph, in the next sentences explain it, and make a conclusion in the last sentence. This paragraph also needs to be related to the next paragraph. In other words, you state the main idea at the beginning and try to prove it at the rest of the paragraph, in a way that the reader becomes convinced while reading the last sentence.

In the same way, each section should begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion.

How to edit research papers from a grammatical point of view?

Look for the grammatical problems of the paper.

Avoid using active sentences and try to use the passive ones instead.

You may use a grammar checker software in order to edit your work.

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