How to Make a Booklet?

Booklets are very short books that usually contain information on one particular subject, according to Longman dictionary. Before explaining how to make a booklet, we need to know why we should write a booklet and why a reader reads a booklet.

Why should we write a booklet?

They are easy to read

As it was mentioned earlier, booklets are short books with low number of pages. So they are easy to read. As they are to the point, a reader can find the needed information in a short time. To name the other important characteristic of booklets, we can state that they are straightforward. So why not? Why a reader who needs to know about something or has a question in her mind should not refer to a booklet?

They have a specific purpose

Generally, booklets are designed to give the readers knowledge on a specific subject such as:

  • giving information on a subject like liver disease in dogs
  • telling short stories
  • giving instruction in something like instruction in first aid
  • commercial purposes like advertising new products
  • giving reports like annual report of a commercial bank booklet
  • etc.

They are easy to publish

Since they are small books with a few pages, they are easy to publish and the final cost of them is definitely less than books.

How to make a booklet?

The design of a booklet

–          The cover

It should be attractive enough for the potential readers to open it and start to read. So the first important thing in designing a booklet is its cover which needs to be attractive and illustrate the main idea as well.

–          The content

The content of a booklet should be easy to understand too. Think of people who decide to read a booklet about a disease instead of reading a large book. Why should they decide so? The reason is that they want to get the main idea as fast as possible. You can take advantage of pictures to make it easier to read and also easier to understand.

Furthermore, the language of a booklet should be in a way that the reader can find out the main meaning. Write straightforward and avoid technical language.

The software to design booklets

There is some software to design booklets which some of them is free and some other is not.

To name some, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Scribus, Adobe InDesign, pages, etc.

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