Russian Translation

You may need a Russian translator to translate your documents, if you are going to study in Russia, trade with this country, or decide to migrate. In addition, Russia in terms of science and especially astronomy is of a high position. So if you are an academic man, you can use Russian papers and books as a source of your research, so you may need a Specialized translation.

Differences between English and Russian

English and Russian are different in terms of alphabets. English uses Latin alphabets while Russian uses Cyrillic alphabets.

The other difference between the two languages is their pronunciation. In English you do not see lots of rules of pronunciation, while in Russian there are so many rules for pronunciation so you will not see an irregular pronunciation in Russian in spite of English.

In addition, there are some suffixes for each word which is a sign of being subjective, objective, etc. the suffixes also may turn a word to a verb. However there are some irregular words.

Additionally, the order of words in Russian differs from English. In Russian you put words in a sentence based on the emphasis you want to put on each.

Why Russian translation is difficult?

As it was said, a sentence in Russian can become in variable forms in terms of the order of words. When a translator is translating English text to Russian or vice versa, he/she should break the sentence into smaller parts and change structure of the sentence completely.

Besides the number of suffixes is too high, and a translator needs to know them.

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