Specialized Translation

Translation can be classified in terms of “the subject”, such as general translation, legal translation, medical translation, etc. or “grade of specialization of the text”, such as general translation, specialized translation, highly specialized translation, and extremely specialized translation, or “the target language” for example Arabic translation, Russian translation, etc.

What is specialized translation?

Translating a text containing jargons, terminologies, and expressions that are understandable only to a specific community is called specialized translation.

A translator in order to translate a specialized text needs to have enough knowledge of the subject in addition to the target language. Because sometimes a word may have a different meaning in general and in a special field. Lack of knowledge situations like that leads to making mistakes in translation, while accuracy of specialized translation is of a vital importance.

Why accuracy of specialized translation is important?

Since all international journals publish papers in English, you need to translate your research papers into English before submission of your manuscript to an international journal. On the other hand, published papers and (translated) academic books may be used as a source of other researches or as a source of teaching by professors.

So only a minor mistake in translation may lead to other mistakes in future researches, and providing false information to readers.

What is a good translation?

A translator is not allowed to judge the text, add something to it, or even change tone of the text. In fact he should try to transfer exactly what the writer tried to say, but that does not mean a word by word translation is accepted. If the translator be fluent in both languages (target language and the original language), he can transfer phrases from one to the other in a way that the meaning does not change.

There would be some times that the translator needs to do some research on what the writer is trying to say, so that he can do a better translation. It does not matter how much a translator is professional in languages and in the text field of study, he may have problems with some content. Even an experienced translator sometimes needs to do some research.

Furthermore, some words are stronger than the other words with the same meaning in terms of expressing feelings, opinions, beliefs, etc. A good translator should put as emphatic as the original text.

Sharifyar translation services

Our institute with the help of professional translation offers specialized translation services.

Our translators are educated in multi fields of study which help them with a coherent and fluent translation in which all the terminologies and jargons are translated completely accurate.

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