How to Choose Thesis Title?

The title of a thesis should demonstrate what exactly is going to be discussed.  It should be interesting to the readers so that they find it worth a good read.

Furthermore, other researchers should be able to deduce if a thesis is related to their work or their interests from the title of your thesis.

So choosing a good title is really important. Before reading about choosing title of thesis, let us know what a thesis title is.

What is a thesis title?

A thesis title is a summary of the main idea of the research.

It should contain the variables of the research, and how they will relate to each other in the thesis.

It also shows the main and the most general research question, while it cannot be a question itself. Researchers use statements as the thesis title. Moreover this statement should not be an opinion or judgment.

A thesis title needs to be as possible as comprehensive and understandable, while use the fewest words.

How long should a thesis title be?

You need to express the variables and keywords, and explain how you want to conduct a research on them, what do you want to find out about them.

An average of 10 to 15 words is recommended, however there is not mentioned an exact number of words for thesis title in valid sources.

How to choose title of thesis?

In order to choose a thesis title, prepare a pen and paper, think about the subject in your mind, brainstorm and write whatever comes to your mind in the form of words and phrases.

Then conduct a study into the written words and phrases.

Now you can choose your variables and keywords. Note that if your variables are measurable and they need to be measured, there should be exist a valid scale to do so, if there is not, choose another variable which its measurement scale has been developed before. Because in a master thesis you do not need to create a scale on your own.

Lastly, write your thesis topic. Use the variables in it and state what you are going to find out in your thesis.

You would write your thesis title as:

  • The relationship between –, –, and -. (fill in the blanks with the variables)
  • An investigation into –, –, –, – and -.
  • A comparative study of – and – and -.
  • etc.

You can see some theses samples in “Free theses samples“. Pay attention to the title of theses as examples.

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