Free Thesis Samples

Using one or more templates for writing thesis and conducting research may result in fast and comprehensive thesis in which all the rules is followed.

There are websites providing open access theses in a big variety of fields. You can search for the subject you are interested in (your thesis topic) and download thesis samples for free.

One of these sites is The University of Alberta website sharing researches with the world.

A well-known website for this purpose is OATD. OATD stands for Open Access Theses and Dissertations. This site collects theses from different universities and put them in the site freely.

How can I search for free theses samples in these websites?

1- The mentioned websites have a search box. You can type your thesis topic in it, then related researches and theses would be listed.

2- Click on every thesis you are interested in, and open it in a new window.

3- Find download key in new opened pages. In OATD there is not one, in this case look for a URL in the new window and click on. In new page opened, click on “view/open” on the left side of the page.

You can search the websites in different ways. In addition to searching the topic, you may also search your thesis variables separately and find out more theses related to your own.

How can I benefit of a thesis sample?

Format and content

After downloading a free thesis sample, pay attention to the format of a thesis including the order of sections, table of content, chapters of the thesis and the content of each one, how and where you should put the appendices, etc.

You may also pay attention to the content of theses. In writing a thesis the content of each paragraph in each chapter is of a great importance. Consider chapter 1 (Introduction), and read each paragraph carefully. What is the aim of each one? How is it stated? Follow the same way in your own thesis.


The other way you may benefit of a thesis is that you can use other researchers cited in a thesis.

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