Master’s Thesis Writing in Engineering

A master’s degree could be either course-based or a research-based.

A master’s degree by coursework means that you should attend some extra classes instead of writing a thesis, while you will have seminar, labs, lectures, etc. Online studies are also included in course-based education.

On the other hand, a research-based master’s degree needs a thesis which should be written at the end of the course.

Engineering and applied science thesis

Master’s thesis writing in Engineering has no difference from other fields of studies regarding the format and the style of thesis, and the order of chapters.

As it has been said in previous posts, there is not a universal format (font, margins, spacing, etc.) and you need to refer to your university rules, but the order of chapters mostly is following a unique rule through the world.

You can see some examples of thesis on Santa Clara University website.

Engineering and applied science is a field of study which aims to solve the problems and lacks of life by inventing and designing new technologies or improving them through the science obtained from base science.

So, as it was said, you need to conduct a research in lab or so on, in order to write your thesis. The methodology you used must be explained in chapter three. Furthermore, the methodology must be reliable and valid by sourcing from previous researches and papers.

Engineering branches

Engineering is a general term used to describe those kind of fields of study which apply the science obtained from math, physics, chemistry, and other basic science in innovating new technologies.

Some branches of Engineering are:

Aerospace engineering

It is the study of design, development, and production of air and space vehicles.

This field of study is a combination of electronical, mechanical, and computer engineering.

Biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineering specialists try to solve problems related to hospitalized, surgery needed patients, and generally medical equipment. They are also responsible for artificial organs and prosthesis.

Biomedical engineering is a combination of biology and medicine as well as some other engineering branches.

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineers employed the science to manipulate substances in order to create new materials like nanotechnology and energy storage.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering students study about designing, putting up and building, restoration, and maintaining the bridges, roads, buildings, and water supply system in a city.

Computer engineering

Developing, improving, and creating software programs and hardware are computer engineers’ responsibility.

Marine engineering

Marine engineering specialists design and construct seagoing vessels and structures. They also design the different kinds of ships and onboard systems.

Mechanical engineering

It is the study of motion, energy and force. Mechanical engineers try to invent and develop machines and make the human life easier.

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