Basic vs. Applied research

As you know, science can be applicable or basic. For example, you can study math, physics, chemistry, etc. as basic science, or as an applied science. These are different in terms of the purpose of study and the subjects they study and research on.

What is the difference between basic research and applied research?

The aim of applied research is different from basic research, in a way that basic (theoretical) research deals with theoretical and fundamental principles to satisfy scientists’ curiosity, while applied (practical) research aims for solving problems and producing a product.

In other words, basic science tries to understand the world and the way it works. Applied science uses obtained information in order to make life easier.

How a basic research is conducted?

A basic research could be explanatory or descriptive.

Explanatory researches explore the relationship among events, while descriptive researches present a comprehensive description of the subject or expand the knowledge which already exist. So a researcher searching on a basic science needs a library research.

Basic researches need accuracy in terms of the words used, besides they would be of lots of terminologies.

How an applied research is conducted?

In order to conduct an applied research the researcher needs to evaluate the subject, and he may even create some instruments to measure the subject. So in related studies, the researcher needs to conduct some tests in a lab, distribute some questionnaires, design something, etc. which is known as empirical research.

In addition, in applied researches, terminologies will not be used as many as basic researches. Instead, this kind of research needs accuracy in terms of numbers and statistics.

Is applied researches better and more important than basic researches?

You cannot say which one is preferred. Indeed, basic researches are as a foundation for applied researches. They provide the knowledge and applied scientists would use that knowledge to make our life easier, invent things, cure diseases, etc.

As you can see, they both are necessary and useful.

basic research vs. applied research
basic research vs. applied research

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