What is a poster paper?

After writing a manuscript, publishing paper in a journal or presenting that article in an academic conference is an important step.  The controversial question which arises here is what is a poster paper. In the following paragraphs, this question is answered.

Types of papers in a scientific conference

When a scientific conference is held, the conference secretariat invites the authors to submit their papers, which are in the scope of the conference.

The deadline and the methods of submission are explained in the invitation notification. The scientific committee of the conference analyzes the submitted articles. Some manuscripts are accepted and some are rejected. The accepted papers are presented in the form of a presentation or poster. It is not possible to present all accepted articles orally, for most of the scientific conferences are short and last a few days. Because of this, manuscripts with lower scientific level are accepted as poster articles.

Paper presented at the scientific conference

Prior to the conference, the secretariat determines the time and location of each lecture sessions and plans for every event at the conference. In a lecture presentation, the author explains the essay to participants in a 20-minute PowerPoint session. Usually, several articles are presented in different rooms at the same time. In the hall, a part is allocated to posters.

Publishing a poster paper

A poster presentation is an oral explanation of the article to those invited to the conference. Posters are a common way to present the results of statistical analysis, research, paper, or another project at professional and scientific conferences. After the article has been accepted as a poster, the author should refer to the conference site and prepare the paper according to the format specified by the conference. On the day of the conference, he should bring his paper. In many conferences, the size of the posters is determined previously.

How to present a poster at the conference?

Usually, after one-and-a-half hours lecture presentation, there is a half-hour break. During this time, participants can go to the hall where the posters are installed. Because time is short, people look at poster articles superficially. The authors must stand by their posters and answer the visitors’ questions. So try to prepare a short and one-minute summary of your paper.

Poster paper writing

To make the posters appealing to people, you should consider the following points when you write your poster paper:

  • Choose the title of your article so that it is short, appealing, and understandable to a wide audience.
  • The poster article should be short and concise.
  • In writing poster article, try to make the content simple and clear.
  • It is better to use diagrams and figures in writing to convey the content to the reader faster.

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