How to Write a Proper Research Paper for Getting Acceptance

How to Write a Proper Research Paper for Getting Acceptance

How do you make sure that the paper you have written will get accepted to be published in a journal?

There are some factors editors take into account in order to accept a paper for publication since they are responsible for the journal validity which depends on the quality of papers published.

Tips to get your research paper accepted

Research papers with qualities mentioned below will be accepted with a high possibility:

  1. The paper solves an important problem which can make humans’ life easier, cure some disease, etc.
  2. The idea discussed in the paper is useful for politicians, economists, decision makers, and so on whose decisions may affect society and are to make vital decisions.
  3. The research paper develops a completely new theory or studies it from a different point of view.
  4. The research questions or the subjects discussed in it are significant or innovative.
  5. The methods used in the paper to evaluate the subject are accurate and appropriate, e.g. the chosen data collection methods are reliable.
  6. It evaluates and explains the previous researches in a more accurate and clearer way.
  7. The paper is so logical that it is easy to understand.
  8. There is no plagiarism in the paper. It is very important for papers not to contain any plagiarism otherwise, they would be rejected.

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