Publishing e-books Instead of Printed Books

Publishing e-books Instead of Printed Books

You can publish your books as printed books which is of a long history and maybe more acceptable for older professors, while publishing e-books is of some benefits making authors publish their work as an e-book.

Benefits of publishing e-books

Publishing e-books make them available worldwide, so all the researchers and readers can access the books. In addition to the more probability of selling books, it is also more ethical to create a situation in which the information is available to all the people.

Additionally, e-books are environment-friendly somehow since they do not need trees to be cut down.

Publishing e-books also make them available to be read everywhere; people can read them on their phone or tablets.

To name the other benefit of e-books, we can point to their publishing cost which is less than publishing a printed version of books. Besides, you do not need to have a number of them published as you sell the digital copies.

With this in mind, e-books are not less than printed books in terms of their academic values; they will be assigned an ISBN and with the author’s name on the cover. You can also write a short bio of yourself on the back cover and include an acknowledgement page on it.

You need more reasons to publish an e-book? Read the bellow.

Why should I publish my book as an e-book?

  • They are easy to read; it is more probable to be read by potential readers.
  • You can easily link to your e-book from your accounts.
  • It is more economical especially for authors publishing their first book. They can get feedback from readers on a lower cost and decide what to write about, next.

Even if you are interested in having a printed copy of your book, you can order one or more copies for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Sharifyar institute is in cooperation with e-book publishers like morebooks and helps students with publishing their works as an e-book. Definitely, having a published book will be a positive point in your CV.

If you are interested, contact us via the form bellow. We will publish your works online.

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