How to Write the Significance of the Study

How to Write the Significance of the Study

The significance of the study is one of the chapter one’s sections in which you should write about the applications of the study as well as to whom it will be beneficial and where it can be used. In this section, you need to persuade the readers, your professor, and referees that your work worth to work on or be published. In writing the significance of the study there are some tips that can help you improve it.

The importance of variables

Write about the importance of variables and their roles in the field of study.

How they affect the existing science, make our life easier, or change the way we do things.

Write a paragraph for each variable regarding to its importance.

The statement of the problem

Refer to your research statement of the problem. State how this study will solve a problem which is a gap and has not been studied in any other researches.

The proficiency group

Who may benefit from this study?

Write it deductively

While you are thinking of the importance of a study, in the first stage write the most general significance/ application/ beneficiary group. Limit it in each paragraph gradually until the last one which should be the most specific group or person, etc.

The significance of the study

While you are to write the significance of the study of your thesis, begin with the variables of the study – one paragraph for each one – and explain this specific variable why, how, and to whom is significant.

Then organize the order of paragraphs based on the beneficiary groups deductively.

In the next paragraph, remind the readers the problem you are going to solve by doing this study and persuade them that this problem is of a significance and a gap which needs to be solved, and the solution will be beneficial somehow.

Expand each paragraph as far as you can. Support your statements with other researchers’ findings.

User simple present verbs in significance of the study of a thesis or dissertation and future tense in a proposal.

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  1. my research is about the impacts of foreign businesses to local businesses, so how am i going to right the significance of study? please provide examples

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